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Caillou learning for kids
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More than 150 fun games to learn with Caillou to check math, memory and puzzles

Great game and activities for children (3 – 6 years old) that will make them learn and have fun, always guided by our sweet Caillou and his friends, Cleo, Clementine, Sarah and Gilbert.

  • Numbers & Shapes (Maths):  Counting,  Matching amounts, Reading numbers, Understanding shape and size, Building shape patterns, Memory development.
  • Listening & Reading (Language):  The Alphabet, Phonics & Simple Spelling, Making Words, Handwriting, Reading Simple Words, Building Vocabulary.
  • Nature and Objects (The world around): The four seasons, Animals, Plants, Materials, Human body, Living Things, Nature, Sorting objects
  • Time and Sequences: Calendars, Ordering Events, Comparing Past & Present, Clocks, Time, Months, Days of the Week.
  • Direction and Space: The Concept of Space, Direction, Symmetries, Position, Movement
  • 15 Caillou Puzzles 
  • Caillou Memory games 
  • A Caillou catalogue of stickers 
  • A paintbox
  • Games as the guiding thread for learning and reinforcement
  • An immediate answer about the completion of the exercise
  • Motivation through an efficient awards system (stickers notebook)
  • Kids take part in their own learning process


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