Cleo & Cuquín

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Cleo and Cuquín – Let’s play!
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Have fun and learn with Cleo, Cuquín and the rest of the Telerín siblings.

Cleo, the oldest of the six siblings, and the baby Cuquín present you this funny APP, where along with Pelusín, Colitas, Tete and Maripí you can play entertaining minigames and learn at the same time.
Besides, every time you complete a game you’ll learn a new sticker to complete the Telerín Family’s album.
With this App, you’ll strengthen your abilities and learning in these areas: 

  • Visual perception 
  • Psychomotricity
  • Road safety
  • Science and nature
  • Environment
  • Music
  • Drawing and painting
  • Spatial perception
  • Concentration
  • Skill
  • Writing

Time to play!


Cleo: curious, adventurous and inventive. Prepare for adventure and let’s play to:

  • Put out fires with the hose.
  • Connect pipes so that the water can reach its destination.
  • Cross the streets watching the traffic lights. • Know the body parts with Cleo.

Cuquín: Naughty, tireless, unpredictable, playful and very curious. With Cuquín you’ll have fun playing to:

  • Find hidden objects in his room.
  • A cool arcade videogame.
  • Take pictures to animals in the sea bottom.
  • Make music and learn to play the xylophone.

Pelusín: Creative, sensible, humble and sleepy. Take advantage of your imagination and become an artist playing to:

  • Color drawings and learn the colors.
  • Travel through space with a rocket.
  • Paint, draw and make your own creations and art compositions.

Colitas: Innocent, amusing, witty and a lover of nature and animals. With the little girl of the family you can learn and play to:

  • Sort and recycle the garbage in the right containers.
  • Feed the family’s pet, Tomate.
  • Find series of flowers.

Maripí: Drama queen, enthusiastic, sporty, vain and tidy. You can be a member of Maripí’s winner team and play to:

  • Find a treasure in the pirate’s map.
  • Chase butterflies tracing their trail.
  • A hockey game.

Tete: intelligent, shy, trustworthy and a bookworm. With Tete you will discover and learn a lot of incredible things playing to:

  • Build robots.
  • Become a paleontologist and search for dinosaur bones.
  • Help Tete to recognize images without his glasses.
  • Interactive, didactic and educational game for children from 3 to 6 years old.
  • All the activities contain explanations with visual support.
  • Motivation to learn through games and characters.
  • Encourages autonomous learning
  • App approved and supervised by specialists in children’s education
  • Parental control.
  • Available in several languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.


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