Masha and the Bear

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A Day with Masha and the Bear
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Live a day with Masha and the Bear and share with them more than 20 funny  games

Would you like to have fun playing with Masha and the Bear? Well, then you can share a whole day playing and learning with them in this funny App with more than 20 games.

Good morning, Masha! It’s time to wake up… today is gonna be an exciting day full of games and activities to test your abilities and knowledge.

Share a whole day with Masha and her friends and discover her favorite games, like riding a bike, looking for animals, fishing, playing checkers or making cakes. More than 20 games where, apart from having fun, you will learn to tell the time, to add, to trace letters, to recycle and many other educational activities.

Now, with A DAY WITH MASHA AND THE BEAR you can play and have fun with the most complete and varied app, the best option for fans of Masha and the Bear.


Dawn: Time to wake up…

  • Learn the hours with Masha’s alarm clock.
  • Arrange her cuddly toys memorizing where they are and putting each one in the right place.
  • Ride the tricycle to the Bear’s house collecting strawberries and avoiding the obstacles that you will find in your way.
  • Identify the animals in the forest by their tracks.

Morning: Time to learn in the school of the Bear

  • Solve the additions that the Bear has prepared for you.
  • Learn to write tracing the letters.
  • Do you know all the body parts?
  • Do you know the sound of each animal?
  • Learn how to separate the garbage in this recycling game.

Afternoon: Have fun!!!

  • Play soccer and shoot penalties against Masha.
  • Help the Bear to plant carrots in his garden.
  • Help Masha to find her way out of this maze so she can get to the lake.
  • Have fun fishing with Masha in a funny arcade game.
  • Help Masha and the Bear to collect the fruits that fall from the trees.
  • Memorize the ingredients that you need to make a cake.

Night: The Bear’s house

  • Help Masha and the Bear to cook a cake with all the ingredients.
  • Win the Bear in a game of tic-tac-toe… or have fun playing checkers.
  • It’s time to go to bed, but before Masha has to brush her teeth.
  • Masha is so sleepy… End the day with a funny platform game counting sheep.

* BESIDES these activities you can complete an album with the stickers that you will win each time you finish a game.

  • Interactive and educational games for children 3-6 years old.
  • All activities contain explanations and visual support.
  • It encourages learning through a system of rewards and gamification.
  • It helps autonomous learning.
  • App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.
  • Parental control.
  • Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.

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