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Peter Rabbit™ Birthday Party
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Complete the 15 games in Peter’s forest and have fun at his party.

Peter Rabbit™ celebrates his birthday party in the treehouse and has invited you.
Would you like to go to Peter Rabbit’s birthday party?

To get to the treehouse you’ll have to unlock all the games that you’ll find on your way and win the necessary skills to be part of PETER RABBIT’S CLUB.

In Peter’s forest there are more than 15 games to complete, where you can practise all of your skills and abilities, constantly improving yourself and winning hundreds of radishes.

You begin playing with the 5.000 radishes we give you to unlock games and, if you do very well, you’ll win more radishes to keep on playing.

Complete all the games and go to Peter Rabbit’s treehouse, where he will be waiting for you with all his friends to celebrate a big party.

In Peter’s party you can create an amazing birthday cake for him, play a game of ladders and snakes, or watch clips from the Peter Rabbit TV Animation.

All the games of Peter Rabbit’s forest pose a certain challenge for a limited time or a limited amount of lives. Each game represents a necessary skill required to be part of PETER’S CLUB:

  • Action: Platform and coordination game “Run&Jump”.
  • Outdoors: Arcade game of math. – Imagination: Memory game.
  • Food: Simulation game to learn how to grow vegetables.
  • Skills: Physical game of accuracy.
  • Challenge: Mental agility and math.
  • Explore: Concentration and observation game.
  • Adventures: Visual perception game.
  • Bravery: Additions and agility game.
  • Observation: Visual concentration game.
  • Active: Alphabet soup. – Nature: Rotating jigsaw puzzle.
  • Friendship: Memory and speed game.
  • Speed: Ninja numbers game.
  • Strength: Target practice (shooter).

Once you unlock the 15 games, you can get to Peter’s party in the treehouse, where you can play with Peter and his friends:

  • Cake: make and decorate your own birthday cake mixing the dough, choosing the topping and decorating with sweets.
  • Ladders and snakes: Throw the die and try be the first to reach the finish line in this funny game.
  • Clips: If you’re a fan of Peter Rabbit ™ , you can watch loads of fun clips from the show via the official Peter Rabbit™ YouTube channel.
  • Official PETER RABBIT™ app
  • Funny interactive, educational games for children from 5 to 9 years old.
  • All the activities contain explanations and visual support.
  • Motivation to learning through a system of rewards.
  • Encourages learning while playing.
  • App approved and supervised by specialists.
  • The games unlock permanently.
  • Parental control.
  • Free to download with in app purchases
  • Official license Peter Rabbit ™ .
  • Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and  Portuguese.

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