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Help the Robot Trains to get energy to save Railworld from the great storm.

Duke, Mos and Dos have made a big mess again. This time, they have launched a rocket with wind and water energy that has caused a great snowstorm. If we don’t do something immediately, Railworld is in danger. And only the Robot Trains can save it launching a rocket which contains a bit of 4 energies ―Water, Wind, Fire and Light― against the snowstorm.

In this amazing App you will travel with Kay, Maxie, Victor, Genie and Alf to the different worlds of Railworld to get enough energy balls solving the games that you will find in each world. Only when you get enough energy balls you will be able to unlock the last game that will help you save Railworld.

In Railworld you will have to solve more than 20 different games.


  • Pipes: Make the water of Waterland reach its destination connecting the pipes.
  • Classifying: Distribute and classify the energy balls that go to each one of Duke’s wagons.
  • Coloring: Color all the Robot Trains.
  • Battleship: Show that you are a great strategist placing your trains and winning the game.


  • Memory: Listen and pay attention to repeat as many series of colors and sound as you can.
  • Music: Do you know how to play the piano? In Sunnyland, the Railers will teach you to play some songs.
  • Jigsaw puzzles: Have fun solving different jigsaw puzzles of Railworld.
  • Growing: In Sunnyland, the Railers are great farmers. Help them pick the tomatoes before they are too ripe.


  • Maze: Find the right way to get to your destination.
  • Platform: Guide the Railers flying through the canyon and avoiding obstacles.
  • Series: Find the series of elements and group them.
  • Visual perception: Look carefully at the pixelated images and find the right pairs.


  • Memory: Find the pair for each card.
  • Flowfree: Connect the points of the same color without crossing the lines.
  • Shooter: Sharpen your aim to throw snowballs at Duke, Mos and Dos.
  • Calculation: Strengthen your math with additions and subtractions.


Letters: Mos and Dos are learning to write, teach them how to write the letters tracing them with your finger.


Once you have got all the energy balls, you can throw them against the clouds to save Railworld.

  • Interactive learning and educational game for children from 3 to 7 years old.
  • It strengthens learning and development of cognitive functions: perception, memory, observation, space, reasoning, numbers, environment, concentration and letters.
  • All activities contain explanations and visual support.
  • It encourages learning through a system of rewards and goals.
  • It helps autonomous learning.
  • App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.
  • Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese.


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