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Join the team of YooHoo and his friends to help the animals of the Earth.

Welcome to the magical forest of YooTopia, where YooHoo and his friends are waiting for you to help them rescue the animals of the Earth.

On YooTopia you can help YooHoo, Pammee, Lemmee, Chewoo, Roodee, Slo and Lora to solve more than 20 fun games and win lots of stars to travel to the Earth and rescue the animals. Light up the Sparkling Tree and help the animals.

Each game on YooTopia has five difficulty levels that you must complete to rescue 36 animals from the Earth that need your help.

On the Earth you can take care of all the animals, feed them, bath them and show your love for them. At any moment you can follow up, see each animal’s needs and give them everything they need.

Be ready for hours of fun and learning and become the best friend of the animals, playing with YooHoo and his friends.

  • More than 20 fun games with 5 levels of difficulty for each one.
  • Curricular activities of math, perception, navigation, music, nature, writing, memory and visual discrimination.
  • Fun action games adapted for children.
  • 36 animals you must take care of all the time, to make them happy.

YooHoo: Get on the skateboard of brave YooHoo and collect as many fruits as you can while you avoid the objects you’ll find in your way.

Pammee: Use Pammee’s compass to navigate and to find the exit of the maze, to connect the water pipes and to trace the right way using the dots with the same color.

Lemmee: Inside Lammee’s magical little box you will find all the pieces you need to build more than 25 jigsaw puzzles, to play Tangram to create figures, and to rotate pieces to arrange the images.

Chewoo: Use Chewoo’s camera to take pictures of the animals, find pairs of the images in a memory game and put each animal in its habitat with a fun quiz game.

Roodee: With Roodee’s magical pen, you will start tracing letters, numbers and lines, join dots, follow the sequence of numbers and reveal nice objects.

Slo: With his great wisdom you’ll be able to solve three math games and you will learn to count, to add and to know the geometric shapes.

Lora: Lora is very nosy and wants to help and play with her friends. Have fun playing with color bubbles, joining series of shapes and colors, or learning how to play the piano to amuse her friends.

  • Interactive, didactic and educational game for children from 3 to 7 years old.
  • All the activities contain explanations with visual support.
  • Motivation to learn with a system of rewards and goals.
  • Encourages autonomous learning.
  • Strengthens learning and development of cognitive functions.
  • App approved and supervised by specialists in children’s education.
  • Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese.

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